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Table of Contents
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 Prefacevii    13The Galápagos Dream231
 Acknowledgementsxi 14The Voyages of the Velero III243
 A Galápagos Timeline (136 Kb)xv 15Margret and the Baroness (1 Mb)251
1The Inca Visits Galápagos1 16A Monumental Tale273
2The Bishop Pays a Call5 17The Galápagos Files287
3Captain William Dampier, Pirate and Hydrographer19 18Who Killed the Iguanas? (4.6 Mb)299
4William Ambrosia Cowley, Marriner43 19A Visit to Casa Wittmer315
5The Legend of Irish Pat63 20 Islands for Sale or Lease325
6Journal of a Cruise83 21The Short Unhappy Life of Filiate Science Antrorse329
7The Search for Lieutenant Cowan107 22A Brief History of History347
8Charles Darwin Slept Here131 23What's in a Name?371
9The Geography of Herman Melville (812 Kb)159 Notes 383
10The Small World of Manuel J. Cobos175 Bibliography 403
11How Academy Bay Got its Name187 IndexText423
12The Lighthouse Keeper of Wreck Bay207 Illustrations437