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Table of Contents
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 Prefacevii    Part IIIThe Places259
Acknowledgementsix 13Death at San Julián (1 Mb)261
A Patagonian Timeline (136 Kb)xi 14 An Exploration of Río Santa Cruz283
Part IThe Explorers1 Part IVPatagonia Today295
1Magellan Finds His Strait (910 Kb)3 15Down and Around in Patagonia297
2Sir Francis Drake, Pirate to Her Majesty21 16Tierra del Fuego Today313
3The Curse of Sarmiento de Gamboa39 17Santa Cruz Today325
4The Voyages of Thomas Cavendish59 Notes 331
5John Narborough's Voyage to Chile75 BibliographyBooks363
6The First Voyage of the Beagle93 Maps and Engravings375
7The Second Voyage of the Beagle (872 Kb)121 IndexText379
Part IIThe People139 Illustrations402
8Tales from Patagonia141 Maps and Charts405
9Here Be Giants161  
10The Fuegians at Home189
11Mission to Patagonia (1 Mb)213
12The Battle of the Book243